The “TADEO-LILI CULTURAL FOUNDATION” is private without lucrative purpose, created in October 2013 according to the will of Lili Fréchet Teao, Tadeo Teao hereveri’s widow, to realize a Cultural place in Easter Island to record her husband, ethnic representative of the second part of the twenty century.

The foundation is composed by a directory with this wife founder and five islanders members.

The Foundation possess:

·A room for reunions and temporary exhibitions.

·A Museum in front of the ocean in a garden with sculptures.

·A little shop to sell books and exclusive art about Easter Island and Polynesia with somme Tadeo’s carvings.

·A hosting with two rooms open for tourists, lecturers and artists to collaborate with this foundation.


This foundation wants to guarantee, transmit and unfold the human rapanui patrimony like promotion, education, memory information, exhibitions, opening the island to the world by cultural exchanges and circumambience and cultural background protection.


Since 2014, there are local artistic exhibitions, meetings, “Memory coffee”, more than twenty workshops and conferences. The Museum received approximately one thousand local and tourists visitors.

Lili  Teao Fréchet

contacto: Lili Fréchet Teao - Fundación Tadeo Lili - Dirección: Apina S/N Hanga Roa Isla de Pascua

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